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Hot Air

I know a lot of you get this. Right now I'm talking to the few who don't.

The Republican Party is never going to repeal the 14th Amendment. They are never going to get rid of Social Security. It's all talk. It's all pandering to the extreme right of their party.

The Republicans had six years under George W. Bush where they controlled both houses of Congress. During that time, did they privatize or otherwise gut Social Security? No. It's a non-starter. It's a program so popular that any elected official would be absolutely crazy to actually touch it. Oh, talk about it, sure. Talk until they're blue in the face. But they're not going to actually do anything. Talk riles up the extreme right. Actually trying to do something angers the middle and, yes, the left and that's a combination that leads to a quick defeat in the next election.

Similarly, they aren't going to repeal the 14th Amendment. I've already pointed out how hard it would be procedurally. It would also be impossible politically. And no matter how they try to spin it, they aren't going to convince 2/3 of the country that illegal immigration has gotten so much worse in the last 2 years than it was in the six previous years when their party were the ones refusing to do anything about it. And how are they going to avoid the spotlight of hypocrisy when they're constantly reminded that their hero, the Great Communicator Ronald Wilson Reagen, was the one responsible for the immigration amnesty in the 1980s?

Again, talking about that crap is fine when you're in front of a riled up Tea Party audience. But if recent elections and primaries have shown anything it's that the Tea Party alone can't get anyone elected. They're a minority of a minority party (despite recent declines, more voters self-identify as Democrats than Republicans).

All we on the left have to do is vote. There are more of us. If the Republicans, or worse Tea Party Republicans, take over the houses of Congress, it will be because liberals and progressives don't vote.

We get the government we deserve.

Peace. Out.




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